International Congress: “The Balkans and Migration on the 100th Anniversary of the First World War”

2-4 December 2015, İstanbul

The First World War, one of the greatest tragedies in the history of humankind, caused the death of millions of people, migrations and change of borders in the Ottoman lands in particular and in the world in general.…

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International Parole, Art, Heatlh Symposium – 21st-23rd October 2015

21ST – 23RD October 2015 – Edirne

International Parole, Art, Health,- Edirne Health Museum- Symposium which will be organized between 21-23 October 2015 with the cooperation of Trakya University, Shumen University, Plovdiv University and Stara Zagora Trakia University aims to present verbal and written information, document, artistic text and values produced in social fields like culture, art, linguistics, literature, history, art history to the attention of competent scholars and therefore to reveal new assessments, findings and conclusions.…

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From Revelation to Scripture – 12th September 2015

The Cambridge Muslim College is hosting a ‘Symposium on Divine Speech and Prophetic Inspiration in Islam’, on Saturday 12th September 2015

What does it mean to believe that God speaks to humanity through prophets?

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The Codicology and Palaeography of Early Qur’an Manuscripts – 14th May 2015

The Islamic Manuscript Association, in cooperation with the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation and Cambridge University Library, is pleased to announce a symposium on the codicology and palaeography of early Qur’an manuscripts, which will be held in the Milstein Room at Cambridge University Library on 14 May 2015.…

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The Fifth International Congress on “Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans”

The Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA) and the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, are jointly organising the fifth international congress on the theme “Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans” to be held in Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, on 21-23 May 2015.…

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World War One And The End Of The Ottoman Social Formation

Between May 16-17th 2015, Istanbul Sehir University and Istanbul Medeniyet University will be partnering to deliver an international conference titled World War One And The End Of The Ottoman Social Formation.…

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3rd International Symposium on Balkan History Studies

The UBTAS (International Balkan History Research Symposium Committee) is an academic organization whose members are national and international faculty members, researchers and executives of the organization and whose mission is academic studies on Balkan history.…

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